What on Earth is a carbon offset?

Carbon offsets are a practical and effective way to reduce the effects of climate change by funding wind, solar, and other renewable energy projects.

How much does EcoCart cost?

A $0.15 transaction fee is included in the Eco Shipping Cost. There is no cost to you, the business owner – the app is free, and we do not charge for Eco Shipping calculations.

If you choose to pay for offsets on behalf of your customers, you’ll be making a bigger impact and we’ll offer a reduced fee of $0.03 per transaction.

Can I pay for offsets on behalf of my customers?

Yes! You can either:

1.   Empower your customers to make their orders carbon neutral.

2.   Offset carbon emissions on your customers’ behalf, making all your products carbon neutral. Even for just a day.

Will EcoCart interfere with my current checkout process?

No, in fact EcoCart works to improve conversion. EcoCart exists within the cart and not the checkout process. Your customers will see that they have the option to make their order carbon neutral while browsing their cart, improving the likelihood that they will continue to checkout and complete their order when they see your brand’s values are aligned with their own.

Can I customize how EcoCart looks in my shop?

Of course! EcoCart is fully customizable, putting in control of the look and feel of the experience so you can properly reflect your brand’s values. Or you can simply select our default view that tells the story of your brand’s contribution to the planet in an easily digestible format.

How do I know the money is going to the right place?

With your help, we’re finding projects that are truly additive (meaning new), permanent, and without unintended consequences (i.e. creating more carbon elsewhere, like a game of Whack-a-Mole). All of our projects are independently certified to internationally recognized standards. Every project we fund is triple-verified. Triple-verification means: 1.   The project’s financials, management team, project site, and carbon reduction method are carefully vetted. 2.   One of the world’s major carbon standards reviews the project. 3. EcoCart verifies the project against a second list of internal Carbon Credit Criteria.

Do I have to change my current shipping and handling processes?

Absolutely not! Our solution is shipping provider-agnostic and there is nothing else you need to do as a merchant beyond installing our Shopify App – we take care of everything.

Why EcoCart?

We calculate the carbon offset costs of each order and fund carefully selected projects – you don’t have to lift a finger.

We offer an industry low fee structure and full transparency into which projects we fund, why we chose them, and what their specific impact is.

Our robust algorithm calculates the exact carbon emissions from both manufacturing and shipping each order by looking at variables such as raw materials, manufacturing process, product weight, shipping distance, and more.

How does a carbon offset project work?

When you buy an offset, you fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions like protecting forests or building wind farms. Carbon offsets let you pay to reduce the global GHG total instead of making radical or impossible reductions of your own.

But not all carbon offset projects are created equal. EcoCart's projects offer carbon offset Laboratory and field testing with third-party verification and site visits ensure successful calculation of greenhouse gas reductions and enable a project to periodically issue credits. These credits are measured in metric tons (tonnes) of carbon dioxide equivalents (mtCO₂e). EcoCart then evaluates the implementation of the methodology and confirms that the project uses the majority of the proceeds from carbon for growth and not profit.

Are carbon offsets the best way to slow climate change?

The best way to slow climate change is to not release carbon emissions in the first place. There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint, but it's impossible to eliminate it completely. For reducing climate impact that can't be eliminated, high-quality carbon offsets are the most credible and impactful tool.

What do you mean “carbon neutral”?

When we say orders will be “carbon neutral” (“net zero” is another term you’ll hear), that means that we will eliminate, capture, or otherwise mitigate all of the carbon emissions created from making your company's products and shipping them to your customer's door.

How are you making my orders carbon neutral for free?

When you activate EcoCart on one of our partner stores and checkout, we receive a commission that we use to fund certified carbon offset projects like planting trees or building wind farms. That means you get the same products at the same cost, but without the carbon footprint.

Does EcoCart buy carbon offsets in my name?

EcoCart retires carbon offset in bulk on behalf of its customers and therefore does not attribute specific offset purchases to any individual customer(s). When we first started up, we wanted to try and make it possible to see your retirement but were unable to make it work with the registries.

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