Empower your customers to
make their orders carbon neutral

A free and simple way to show your customers you care
about the environment as much as they do.

Small effort. Big change.

Carbon offsets at the point of sale allow everyone to do their part.

Just install EcoCart into your Bigcommerce or Shopify store and your customers will have the option to offset the environmental impact of their orders with a single click.

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  • One-click integration
  • No coding
  • Always free
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Don't just take our word for it

300+ happy customers are making a difference with EcoCart

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Shopify 5 Star Rating

…a no-brainer for most of our customers. Since installing, the majority of our customers have been adding the Carbon Neutral option.


…so many of our customers have commented on how happy and excited they are that we have EcoCart. Definitely makes our brand image look stronger!


Excellent app, excellent support…looks great in the checkout page and aligns well with our environmental values.

Climate change is the defining issue of our time

Having a sincere focus on sustainability is no longer just a nice-to-have... it’s a must have!

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Save the Planet

Combat climate change by contributing to alternative energy, forestry, and other carbon offset projects.

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Stand for Something

Align your brand with sustainability efforts that matter to both your customers and your employees.

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Gain Loyalty

Customers will keep coming back knowing they are shopping sustainably.

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Increase Cart Conversion

Your customers will see you care about the planet. You’ll see increased retention and lower cart abandonment.

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Boost Brand Value

Consumers have a positive image of companies that support the environment.

We partner with certified organizations

We go above and beyond

The projects we fund are carefully vetted, ethically proven, and scientifically verified according to the world’s major carbon standards…

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…with over 90% of each dollar going directly to projects that are proven to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere.

Our Projects
Alternative Energy Forestry Water Agriculture
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